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Firestone Walker Brewery

Triple R Transportation transported six new brewery tanks to the Firestone Walker Brewery in...

Baltimore Transformer Move

A 260,000 lb transformer was unloaded from a railcar in Baltimore and transported to...

Genesee Brewery

Triple R Transportation was contracted to transport 24 brewery tanks to Rochester, NY. The...


An oxidizer measuring 52’ x 14’ x 14’9” and 140,000 lbs was transported from...

Control Buildings

Two control buildings measuring 72’ x 15’5” x 12’6” and 140,000 lbs each were...

Compressor Skid

A compressor skid measuring 68’ x 13’7” x 14’8” and 137,000 lbs was transported...

Cooler Transport

Four coolers measuring 62’ x 14.5’ x 13’ and 75,000 lbs each were transported...

Compressor Skid Transport

A compressor skid measuring 60’ x 16’6” x 13’8” and weighing 60,000 lbs was...

Refinery Vessel

Two refinery vessels were transported from Wilmington, DE to Delaware City, DE. These vessels...

Gearbox Transport

Triple R Transportation was contracted to transport multiple gearboxes for use in naval ships....