A New York semiconductor manufacturer recently began a plant expansion and Triple R was contracted to deliver the largest equipment required for the expansion.

The equipment included two tanks measuring 140’ long x 16’ wide x 17’ high and 415,000 lbs each as well as a coldbox measuring 90’ long x 17’ wide x 14’ high and 240,000 lbs.

Prior to construction of the equipment, Triple R conducted route surveys to determine feasibility. Due to the location of the semiconductor manufacturer, the equipment was transported from the port by barge to a nearby barge discharge location and then trucked the remainder of the way to site using a barge truck combination.

The cargo was set directly to the deck of the barge due to height restrictions on the waterway. At the barge discharge location, gantry cranes were used to lift the equipment and trailers were rolled on and then off of the barge with the loaded cargo. The over the road transportation by truck required coordination with 4 utility companies and each load utilized an escort of nearly 20 separate police cars.