Triple R Transportation Site Map

Triple R Transportation is a leader in managing heavy haul trucking in North America. With over forty years of experience, we specialize in finding the right contractor for shipping your oversized cargo. We’ll find the right option for your needs, whether it’s trucking, railroad, or barge, we can rig it up and ship it out. Search our website below to learn more about our transportation services and contact us.

Control Building Transport

Semiconductor Manufacturer Plant Expansion

Dual-Lane Compressor Transport

Tower Transport

Cross Country Compressor Transport

Molson-Coors Brewery

Vessel Transport

Vessel Transport

Heater Transport

Honolulu Rail Transit

Firestone Walker Brewery

Baltimore Transformer Move

Genesee Brewery


Control Buildings

Compressor Skid

Cooler Transport

Compressor Skid Transport

Refinery Vessel

Gearbox Transport

General Motors

Compressor Skid

Goethals Bridge

Silo Transport

Ballast Point Brewery

Coal Plant Disassembly

Vessel Transportation

New Belgium Brewery

Cold Box


Refining Columns




Samuel Adams Brewery

Troegs Brewery

Process Skids

Compressor Haul

Comfort Stations

Control Buildings


Autoclave Project

Firestone Walker Brewery

Cold Box

Pipe Rack Modules