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General Motors

Triple R Transportation was contracted to transport eight presses to a General Motors facility...

Compressor Skid

A compressor skid measuring 66’10” x 14’10” x 12’2″ was transported from Mingo Junction,...

Goethals Bridge

The NYNJ Port Authority recently finished a replacement project of the Goethals Bridge in...

Silo Transport

Triple R Transportation shipped two overdimensional silos from Georgia to Arizona. The silos were...

Ballast Point Brewery

Triple R Transportation was contracted to arrange transportation of overdimensional brewery equipment to the...

Coal Plant Disassembly

In a coal plant disassembly project in Gormania, WV, multiple overdimensional and heavy haul...

Vessel Transportation

A refinery vessel was transported from Casper, WY to Marcus Hook, PA and had...

New Belgium Brewery

Thirty beer fermentation tanks were transported from Charleston, SC to Asheville, NC.

Cold Box

A coldbox was transported from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Cargo Dimensions: 102′ L x 17’6″...


Triple R Transportation arranged the transportation of two tanks from Theodore AL, to Minooka,...